Terms and Conditions


When visiting the Norway Power Yoga website or studio, these terms and conditions apply.

User profiles: all user profiles are kept confidential and will not be shared by a third party.

Sales: all sales are final, unless other terms are specified.

Contracts: all contracts are subject to contract terms per the agreement signed. If the agreement is signed digitally, the terms are as follows: valid for the duration of the contract and auto-renewed unless notice of cancellation has been received a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to renewal date.

Activities: all activities at Norway Power Yoga are performed at your own risk. By participating the user verifies that they have been cleared by a physician for exercise.

GDPR: Norway Power Yoga is GDPR compliant, and will not contact you unless you express explicit consent. All users have complete access to modify their consent through their user profile. All users must sign up for the email list seperately, this is no longer automatic as of April 2018.

Email marketing: Norway Power Yoga reserves the right to engage in email marketing campaigns to the email list “Norway Power Yoga 2018.” This includes information about events, workshops or teacher trainings.

Facebook: we use Facebook for our marketing purposes, and to connect with current and potential clients.