Hello summer! 3 tips to keep up your practice over the summer...

Hello July, right? Can you believe it’s July already?

I almost can’t, at the same time..I can, because you know…longer days and all!

I do believe in keeping your yoga practice consistent, so no, at NPY we do not take a summer break, the studio is open. Though we’ve learned from previous years when the people show, so check the app for the schedule.

Yes, the easiest way for you to stay consistent is to still show up for class, right? But what about those times when you can’t? Here are three things to keep in mind

  1. Breath is yoga. You know, you don’t need a full class. 5 minutes to sit and breathe is sometimes more than enough to re-center.

  2. Less is more (consistent) the beach is calling your name, the friends come over with wine…these are things you should absolutely anticipate and cherish. Summer only happens once a year (unless you live somewhere warm unlike us here in Norway) so understanding that maybe one day it’s one Sun-Saluation or just savasana i bed before you sleep. Less is more…because a little bit is more than nothing.

  3. Yes, at NPY we do give you the physical challenge. You come to us for body weight resistance, for high intensity interval training…to get your mind right, to get your stress levels down…one class/week is better than none. So MAKE the time to show up on your mat, you’ll thank yourself when September rolls around and you stayed with your practice because it just FEELS so good!

If we can help you in any way, reach out

To health, happiness and chaturangas even in summer…