My most embarrassing momen was...

“What’s your most embarrasing teaching moment?” I ask, holding back a smirk.

Ole is a thinker, and his first response is “what do you need this for?” I convince him he doesn’t need to know.

After contemplating the matter for about a minute he says “the sass comment.” I laugh.

“It still makes me cringe, you know, especially because it was right after TT and the “ethics” lesson.”

In TT we talk a lot about the different rules male yoga teachers have, and Ole has always done his best respecting those unsaid rules. But I’ll let him tell the story..

“So, for a while I taught trikonasana, triangle pose, and cued the lateral pelvic tilt with ‘find your sass,’ and didn’t think much of that.

One day, I told a student ‘nice, sass.’ His face turns red. After class she walked up and asked the fateful question ‘did you tell me I have a nice ass?’

I laugh. He laughs. I assure him, all teachers have had those moments. We mean well...but things come out wrong, or people ‘hear’ something else.

Luckily, most of our students have a sense of humor and a good dose of empathy. 

What is the funniest thing your yoga teacher has said? 

Caroline Herring