Anyone can find peace when it's quiet..

I caught myself saying those words and then I had one of the biggest aha moments of my teaching career, maybe even as a yoga studio owner and visionary. I had that once before, when I realized that the “floating” walls in our old studio made people talk, create connections and make friends with their fellow students.

The noise wasn’t a negative, in fact, it was beautiful.

(Warning, what I’m going to write might trigger you, you might have feelings of anger, anxiety or a need to “defend” what you like. Don’t. I’m quite aware there are many roads that lead to Rome, nothing is right or wrong, it all just IS, try to look for the beauty in what I’m about to tell you)

I knew I asked for “trouble” when I moved our beloved yoga studio into the building that houses CrossFit Sandefjord and the BJJ club. I knew people were going to have problems “finding peace” when sometimes our neighbors make a little (hahah) noise. Luckily, this was our only option. (I bet you didn’t know…it was this or no more NPY. Like done, finito.)

I say luckily because of the epiphany I talked about earlier, because, YET again something that was out of my control has turned into something great. Something REAL.

Because my friend, anyone can find peace when it’s quiet. It’s not THAT difficult, but try staying with your breath when people are throwing barbells. Or try repeating BREATHE - RELAX when the final countdown is counting down next door. It get’s a little tricky, but it’s habit. It’s something you can learn. You can choose to not let it create chaos and stress in you.

Anyone can find peace when it’s quiet…but when is life really quiet? When is life perfect and peaceful?

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather learn how to create peace inside of me when there seemingly is none. I’d much rather learn applicable tools, so I can experience a daily life that is still hectic and chaotic but that doesn’t trigger a stress response in me.

I don’t know about you…but THAT is what has enhaced my life.

Living, feeling, and being the fact that at any point I can choose how I react. I get to choose, and so do you.

I don’t know how long we’ll be without a door and how long it’s going to be as loud as it is today, but I know I’m going to give YOU the best tools I can give you to deal with it. I’m going to devote my being to helping you develop flexibility in body AND MIND. Because when life gets loud, I pray you have tools to find stillness…despite the noise.

To yoga that definitely isn’t boring,