Posture Clinic: Reverse Warrior

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In honor of Academy, and TT that starts in two weeks I’ve been encouraged to write out a couple of posture clinics for you. This is the first installment. I plan on making a video to accompany it to, so if you want that..make sure you email me, or shoot us a message on FB or IG.

Reverse Warrior

This pose has an insane amount of different interpretations. It’s one of those poses with a lot of elements, and I’m pretty sure this post might get a little confusing and is definitely not a how to, this is a post for people who already have an established practice. If you need a “how to” check out one of our in person yoga classes or the photo in the article.

There are three elements I like to focus on in Reverse Warrior, all movements of the trunk.

Theres a lengthening of the spine, a lateral flexion and a “rib” rotation.

Contrary to what it might look like, I would not encourage you to lean toward the back leg to express your reverse warrior. Rather, try to focus on your spine. What is the spine doing? Do you have control over it? Does it hurt?

How to extend the spine? Reach up through the crown of your head.

How to laterally flex the spine? “Break” at the ribs and tilt your back shoulder toward the back foot.

How to rotate ribs (throacic rotation)? Spin the chest side of the front foot forward.

Do all movements with the help of your muscles, rather than gravity (that goes for everything, always!) and make sure you’re cleared for exercise and don’t have any injuries that will be negatively affected by moving the spine.

Happy reversing,


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