3 things I've learned from teaching TT

They say the best way to learn something is to teach it. I have to say I agree. Big time.

It’s been a year since the last round of TT and I’m stoked about it. It’s such a precious journey for people (and me!) and it’s such an honor to be a part of it. There are plenty of laughs, some tears, and lots of overwhelm. 200 hours is really not enough, but it is a lot. Here are three things I’ve learned from teaching TT.

1) It’s never the right time. Every semester I hear about 10 people say “it’s not the right time.” I respect that, we all have responsibilities, but TT is going to be a lot of work, and it IS going to take up your time, and that means time away from other things that mean something to you. There’s no way around it. THAT, however, is the investment we all have to do to learn something new. My advice: do it for you, and do it NOW. Life is short…

2) You will want to quit the first weekend. I remember how scary it was, my first weekend of TT. And how I felt like I had no business being there. And how I wish I would have waited. And how…I wanted to quit, because it was scary. The first weekend IS overwhelming. My advice: embrace it and be patient with yourself, there’s no development in your comfort zone, and no comfort in your development zone. Really. Stick it ou ..because

3) IT WILL CHANGE YOU in so many ways. I’ve seen it all…. bodies change (hello increased activity level and muscles popping), bodies get stronger, but more important than the physical changes are the personal ones. Confidence. Self efficacy. Personal Power. Personal Voice. Belief in self. I. Cant. Get. Enough. of TT.

TT is 8 weeks, that you wish would last forever…yet also, somewhere around week 7 wish would be over because you’re tired. It’s 8 weeks devoted to you. You. So you can learn a new skill. So you can find your voice. So you can get to know your body on a much deeper level. So you can find techniques to manage stress. So you can find ways to grow your life. Add a hobby or teaching gig.

Want to know a secret? I never planned on teaching. I did TT to learn more..the rest kind of “happened” and 7 years later, we are here. I own NPY and I’m honored to have graduated such a diverse body of our TT alumni. If you’re wonderfing about TT, I invite you to send me an email with your questions. Maybe I can even put you in contact with someone who has been in a similar situation.

To learning…from each other,