Should the knee be stacked in Warrior Two? A controversial question.

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Oh my gosh. The first time I read that question, it was probably two years ago I for sure screamed a “YES!” inside, bless my heart. I wasn’t wrong, per se.

I said yes, because of two factors:

-If you have quote on quote “bad” knees, tracking the knee forward puts added weight and pressure on it,


-Of course the knee should be stacked, that’s what I was taught.

My practice has changed tremendously in the past year, aside from doing even more Chaturangas, but my teaching has changed even more.

Because you don’t have to stack your front knee, unless you want to.

Reasons why you would not want to stack it could be

-training your knee for added load

-exploring different knee positions

-wanting to be a rebel in yoga class (hah! oh is that just me)

The reasons why one would NOT stack the knee are body reasons, not yoga reasons, and it’s important to make a distinction there. Our bodies are only prepared for what we prepare them for, and I personally, want a body that is prepared for a lot of things, like slipping and falling for example. There are not inherently bad poses or exercises, only unprepared let me as you this… what is your body prepared for?

If you’d like to learn more about your own body, your own movement practice and how to bridge this into your yoga practice, we are starting a three week course on January 26th. I invite you to join me and learn about whether your body is prepared for an unstacked knee, or even a Chaturanga. Happy Yoga’ing!